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How to use the PVA Portal at


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  • Gregginpalmbeach

    I started using this company about a year ago which is feb 2018. They started off good but the last few months December, January i purchased some pva”s for Craigslist posting and almost 1/3 Had a hold on them from Craigslist with also they sold the same pva”s to other buyers. Now i was sharing the same accounts with others to which they deleted all my craigslist posts and changed the password.


    Went to log on dec 2018 and i went to log in on My log in and password did not work.well the only contact info is to Skype this person “ Anthony polite. I sent him over 20 messsages about my problem and i never got any responses from him, i emailed the company and out of 20 emails, i finally received a response. Keep in mind this was from 2018.they asked if it was from I relied yes and it’s been 24 hours later and still no response. I would not buy from this company. They take your money and do not give u credit nor answer their Skype which seems to be the only means of contact with them. It’s now February 5,2019 still can not log in to my account. I am searching for other companies that provide pva”s and numbers. 






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